Safety Products: Paying More To Save More
02:27 03/08/2016
The cost of one injury that could have been prevented by workers wearing the right safety products often far exceeds the cost of an entire safety program.
A World of New Choices
08:10 09/07/2016
Traumatic brain injuries account for 22 percent of all work-related injury fatalities. This is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed.
20 Years of OSHA Violations, Now $3.42 Million in Proposed Fines for Ohio Auto Parts Manufacturer
03:22 02/07/2016
Sunfield Inc. allegedly exposed temporary workers to hazards related to energized equipment, resulting in severe injuries to two workers.
Could the EU Referendum Impact Worker Safety and Health?
03:25 29/06/2016
The British Occupational Hygiene Society is pledging to continue to lead on worker health protection following Britain’s historic referendum vote to leave the European Union.
APAC And Middle East PPE Market Worth $17.55 Billion By 2022
08:06 28/06/2016
The Asia Pacific & Middle East personal protective clothing (PPE) market is expected to reach USD 17.55 billion by 2022, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.
Things to know about safety footwear
08:34 15/06/2016
If you are at risk for foot injury at your workplace, you should wear the appropriate protective footwear. Below are some necessary information you should know about safety footwear.
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